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Criminal Attorney Denver, Joseph W. Galera, LLC

Criminal Law , DUI, Employment Law, Civil Rights and Discrimination, Denver Colorado


The Law Office of Joseph W. Galera, LLC is a law firm that focuses on the client throughout the legal representation. A focus on the client may seem obvious but we have made it the primary goal that drives the firm. For over a decade, Joseph Galera has been an aggressive and dedicated attorney advocate for Coloradoans. The firm seeks to ensure that its clients will be treated fairly no matter the type of legal representation required. Whether a client is involved in an amicable negotiation or a complicated and contested trial, The Law Office of Joseph W. Galera, LLC is dedicated to providing skilled and effective advocacy.



The firm primarily specializes in DUI, criminal law, civil rights, employment discrimination and in representing Colorado marijuana dispensaries with their expanding legal needs in the area of human resource/employment law. We understand that the stress of legal matters can have a major impact on individual's lives. The stress caused by these situations only aggravates and inflames the already negative impact on an individual's life.


The Law Office of Joseph W. Galera, LLC is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. We are available to help you with your legal questions. The firm is here to protect your rights and serve as an advocate for your needs.


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